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Oh What Fun! Festifying Your Table

It's that time of the year again when eggnog dominates the shelves at the grocery store. But we love it! Not the eggnog. This is one of the best times of year - the family time, the giving, the love, the stress, the mulled wine ...

Every holiday we get put in charge (or assign ourselves, lets be real here) of the decorating and table scape design. So this year we decided we would give you an inside look at how we decorate the table to help with some ideas for your upcoming hosting gigs!

We were able to purchase some really great things at places like CB2, Home Goods and good 'ole Target. We also got a little thrifty and found some really great things around our own homes to repurpose and save because, we need all those extra dollars to spoil our families (and selves), am I right!?

We started with a beautiful gold and ivory china set and let that set the tone for the color scheme. We had these gold chargers already (they were from World Market last season but we linked a similar option) and an old linen table runner from Serena and Lily.

From there we layered in different textures of white and gold to give the table some depth. We found this whimsical wrapping paper to use this holiday season and decided to add some holiday boxes as the centerpiece to mix things up! We really love how it ended up looking.

Next, for a little intimacy, we added in tapers and candlesticks and gold trees in varying heights. It adds a cozy setting and candles are especially nice if you don't have a fireplace - nothing says the holidays like a warm fire!

The finishing touches were gold glitter ornaments, some mercury tea light holders to fill in the gaps and faux mistletoe to add a little touch of greenery that we feel really finished off the table!

We linked below some of the goodies we used and similar options so you can recreate this setting for your own holiday dinners!

Let us know your favorite color schemes and table scape decorations below!

XO -

The HHI Team


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