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Meet Katie + Olivia

2017 was a big year for Katie + Olivia. They became sisters-in-law when Katie married Olivia's brother, and they became work wives when they founded Hearth Homes Interiors together.

Hearth Homes Interiors is a full service interior design firm specializing in high-end residential remodels, ground-up builds and full home furnishing and decorating.

In 2023, Katie and Olivia also co-founded Hearth Hospitality, a firm focusing on the design and management of boutique hospitality properties. They have since designed properties that have generated millions of dollars of revenue and that have been featured in local and national publications.

At Hearth Homes Interiors, we pride ourselves on making the daunting world of construction and renovation more enjoyable and less stressful for our clients. From concept to move-in, our team of skilled and organized designers and project managers will work with you to turn the home or business of your dreams into a reality.

Principal Interior Designers for Santa Barbara Interior Design Studio Hearth Homes Interiors

"We loved our experience with Katie and Olivia. Our goal was to redecorate our house to eventually sell it, but they transformed it in such a beautiful way that it made us change our mind!"

Celine D.

Our Team

Design Assistant for Santa Barbara Interior Design Studio Hearth Homes Interiors
Design Assistant for Santa Barbara Interior Design Studio Hearth Homes Interiors
Design Assistant for Santa Barbara Interior Design Studio Hearth Homes Interiors

Kelsey Reddick

Design Assistant

Rebecca Fox

Project Manager

Deena Portell

Design Assistant

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who Will Be Sourcing Products for My Project?
    Our team of professional Interior Designers will be sourcing every item for your don't have to worry about a thing! Leveraging our years of experience and many vendor relationships, we are able to source unique items that are unavailable to the general public, with pricing that is typically discounted from retail.
  • Will I Be Working Directly With the Designer?
    Yes! Katie and Olivia are involved in every project, and approve every design that goes out. Our hands-on approach means that you will have access to our talented team of designers throughout the entire process, to ensure you end up with the home of your dreams.
  • What Is a Typical Project Timeline?
    This is a tough one. Timelines can vary based on the scope of the work, the specific furniture chosen, and contractor timelines. If you'd like to get a better idea of the potential timeline for your specific project, just reach out to us for a custom proposal!
  • Where will I store all of my new furniture before it's ready to install?
    We have our very own Hearth Homes Interiors warehouse in Goleta, California. We personally receive, inspect and assemble every item that is delivered, ensuring that your piece is exactly the way we envisioned before it's ever delivered to your home.
  • What types of budgets do you typically work with?
    We have done projects across the spectrum of budgets, from single rooms to full home remodels. It is difficult to say exactly what our budget range is, but our typical project has a total construction budget north of $200,000. For furnishing-only projects, we typically have a minimum spend of about $75,000.
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