Olivia and Katie Martinez, Founders of Hearth Homes Interiors

We are sisters-in-law, and some people might say that we have a lot in common. We are dreamers and creators, but our previous "same-old" day jobs were leaving us feeling unfulfilled and unsatisfied. So, we decided to do something about it. We took a leap of faith and left our old work lives behind to chase our passion for giving spaces new life. Together, with our talented, close-knit team, we have started our very own interior design, home restoration, and home staging company, and we've called it Hearth Homes. We think we'll keep it.


A house is more than just its walls and its floors and its roof. It is the literal foundation of a family, their most important investment - the one that they hold closest to their heart - and we will never lose sight of that. We don't cut corners, we don't do anything the easy way just to get it done. We treat each home as if it's our own, and we create beautiful spaces the right way. Once all the heavy lifting is done, we dress our projects up from head-to-toe to share with our friends, family, clients, and of course all of you!

To us here at Hearth Homes, transparency is key. It is our goal to keep buyers and clients informed at every stage of a project. We want to give design clients and buyers alike the comfort of knowing that their home is in good hands. So, if you'd like to keep up with us, head over to the blog! There, we will share with you the ins and outs of our crazy lives at Hearth Homes, the stories that inspire us, design ideas and tips, project progress, and so much more!

A concept that started out as a mere daydream has now become our reality, and we are so excited to share our journey with you, every step of the way-- we hope you enjoy!


Katie & Olivia