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Mission Street Series: Gettin' Down to the Nitty Gritty

After the Kitchen and Master Bathroom were done, we still had some loose ends that needed tying in our beloved Mission St. Project, cause remember? Bad 90's vibes.

The poor floors were stained a dated light orange color to begin with, but then to top it off, they were pretty badly beat up after years of twenty-somethings and Bernie the Boston Terrier living on them. So, we stained them a deep, velvety chocolate brown, which ended up being mouth-wateringly beautiful. It brought out all of the wood grain in such a gorgeous way, and had us wondering why the floors were ever put through that orangey misery in the first place. Silly us forgot to take before pictures of the floor (I think we were trying to forget them), but heres a small taste of what we ended up with.

(Rug: Nate Berkus via Target)

Another thing that the house was in desperate need of was a fresh coat of paint on the interior. People always say ‘oh painting is easy, just a minor cosmetic update…’ But this one was a HUGE job because we virtually had to paint every surface in the house. Not only did we have the walls, but we also had to do something about the doors, windows, window casings, and trim work because all of it...was orange -- I'm sensing a theme here. By the way, there were 48 windows, and 46 doors in the house, which all got a nice fresh coat of bright white paint AND new matte black hardware. The kitchen cabinets were painted white (but you already knew that), and all the walls also got various shades of wait for it…WHITE! Shocker, we know.


After (Paint Color: Benjamin Moore Cloud White)

Mission St. Project Colors--Seapearl and Simply White are our personal faves

There were two fireplaces in the house -- one in the main living room, and one in the master bedroom -- they were both in desperate need of a little love and some TLC. For the hearth, we chose a porcelain tile that almost had the appearance of concrete, except with much warmer tones that brought out the warmth of the rich chocolatey floors. We wanted ceramic tiles for the surround with a contemporary Spanish feel. We found these stunning hand-made white Sevilla tiles that turned out absolutely perfect. Then, to top it off, we happened to have some leftover wood from another project that we were able to use for the mantles, which was a big win for us because it saved us some dough.

Before (note: funky orange doors)

In Progress


When all of the construction and painting and cleaning was done, Katie and I came in with all of our furniture and décor to make the space feel like a home once again. We spent 3 long days and nights moving the furniture in and staging the house (all by ourselves cause we're strong independent women), and we wouldn’t stop until we felt like we had done our absolute best to make it look as good as it deserved to look.

Keep your eyes peeled next week for our final post in this series, where we’ll talk staging and share with you the finished product! Here's a sneak peak:


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