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Whatever Your Family Needs, Our Family Can Design.

Interior Design is a special kind of art form. It's art that has to plan for sticky toddler fingers, spilled wine and dog hair. It's art that has to be handled every single day - for years - and only get better with age. It's art that immediately says something about us and how we live our lives. And it's the art that serves as the backdrop for all of our most precious memories.

Our job at Hearth Homes Interiors is to help you craft your own personal masterpiece. Our homes are made to be lived in - whatever that means for you and your family. Every home - and every homeowner - has their own story to tell, and we will help you tell it. From conceptual design to move-in day, we will be in your corner every step of the way to make sure that you end up with a home that you are completely and totally in love with

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Oh, Hi! 

We're Olivia + Katie. We are sisters-in-law with a love for our families, Santa Barbara, true crime podcasts, a good glass of wine and creating beautiful spaces.

Design Services

Full Service Interior Design

Construction Drawings
Renovations & New Construction
Furniture, Art & Material Selections

Project Management & On-Site Supervision
Custom Furniture & Cabinetry
Styling & Accessorizing

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