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Three Reasons We Love Marble

Here at Hearth Homes Interiors, we love offering marble as an option for clients for various applications. Each slab cut from a quarry (where they source marble pieces) are their own unique variations that can in turn, create timeless spaces. From neutral and practical to moody and striking, marble and all of its types can work for just about everyone.

1. Marble has a lot of personality. Its unique characteristics and the differences from slab to slab in veining, movements, and undertones -- that's part of the reason why we love it so much. It can also be one of the big reasons why it doesn't necessarily jive well with every color. If a marble has cool grey veining or undertones, it might not look right with a warm grey cabinet color. If it has lots of bold, contrasting veining, you might want to stay away from a bold, dramatic color, and let the stone speak for itself (this obviously depends on the goal of the space!). It's important when selecting colors for cabinets, hardware, furnishings, etc, to take into consideration the colors and tones in the marble, and make sure that the palette makes sense.

2. Marble can serve as the perfect contrasting design element. The colors we find that contrast best with marble are blacks, dark greens, and soft blues typically pop really nicely off of white marble -- just make sure the undertones compliment each other. An unexpected pairing we absolutely love is the combination of both warm wood tones and a pop of color with white marble, and think that the combination of the three, if done right, can be really beautiful and unexpected.

3. Marble works with any white paint color. There are so many different whites to choose from, so when you're selecting one to pair with marble, just make sure your white has similar undertones to the ones that you find in the marble. Grey undertones and veining look really nice with cool whites, Creamy whites look really nice with warm undertones and amber veining. If the marble slab has both grey and warm amber tones, then you can realistically pick either warm or cool whites, but we typically would lean more in the warm white direction just to keep the design soft and inviting.

Marble is truly the perfect timeless staple to include in any space, ranging from your kitchen, bathroom or bar tops. We hope our tips and tricks send you on your way to picking the perfect marble for your home!

Thanks for checking in!


Katie & Olivia

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