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The Palm House: Master Reveal

The next phase of #ThePalmHouse reveal tour is our master bedroom and bathroom transformation. This space was once cheap wood paneling heaven (or hell, rather) but we managed to open it all up and create some bright and airy spaces that we fell in love with!

First up, the bathroom. This was SCARY before we got our hands on it. Like, Katie wouldn't even walk in the bathroom scary. The shower was barely a 2x2' space, there was hardly light (if any?) and to top it all off, the sub-floor was all rotted (think hole-in-floor-one-hard-step-you-fall-through bad). I mean it was scary! Luckily, even though we might have been too horrified to walk into the room, we saw potential. We were able to steal some square footage for the floor plan by expanding slightly into the guest bathroom that it shared a wall with (which was waaaaaay too big for a guest bath, might we add) to create a true, cozy master bathroom.

Sources: Faucets, Vanity (custom paint job), Floor Tiles, Light Fixture, Art

Unfortunately, we don't have many 'before' pictures - we moved fast on this project and our team demoed it as quickly as possible but, here's a peek of the room looking into the tiiiiiiiiiny bathroom (look into the door at the yellow-green tile):

And now this is what you see looking into the bathroom. No 2x2' shower, no having to sit on the toilet to shower, no dinginess. Just a bright, spacious master bathroom. With added linen storage because obviously, we had to.

And now the throwback wood paneling master bedroom. This was a treat ... to tear down. On the left, you can see it in full force. To the right, you can see that was the first thing to go! And next to go was that old, dingy carpet.

Photo Credit: Jim Bartsch

We painted the walls Snowbound by Sherwin Williams, painted all the windows in the house Caviar by Sherwin Williams, installed new carpet, and installed recessed lighting and a new oversized fan. It was mostly cosmetic in the master bedroom but we do think that it feels so much brighter and calming in this space now!

Leave us any comments about the master and be sure to stay tuned for the living room reveal next on our tour of #ThePalmHouse!

XO -

The HHI Team


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