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The Centennial House: Fireplace Before + After

I'm not certain we actually got around to sharing all of our Centennial House reveals (yikes!). We promise, we really will get around to showing you all of the house's before and after pictures! But today, we want to focus on the fireplace transformation.

Lets just start off with a solid before + after . . .

So definitely not the worst fireplace we've ever seen. Simple and white but, lets be honest, it could use some updating. Lets focus on the good parts of this fireplace - the shape of the firebox (we love!) and the size (perfect!).

We were pretty certain of two things, for the layout of the room to make sense, the TV needed to be mounted on the fireplace wall and we wanted to clean up the look of the old brick. That meant a few things, we had to make the shape interesting enough for the house (read: it needed more character than a simple, modern straight edge or tile wall) and we had to find something that wasn't too modern, and not too retro, to fit today's market.

In progress picture . . .

So we set out to add a tapered shape to the fireplace wall, painted plaster on the face, a rustic beam that our team literally beat up to make it look aged, a freshly painted firebox and such beautiful Fireclay Tiles to accent the firebox arch and tie back in with the exterior stair risers and trim colors. The hearth needed serious updating as well and though we liked the brick on the fireplace before, it wasn't right. So we found a way to reincorporate in a herringbone pattern as the hearth!

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What else do you want to know about this house?

XO -

The HHI Team


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