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Our Favourite Whites

Sometimes, choosing different paint colors can be super overwhelming, especially when you're looking for a white. There are a million and one different shades to choose from - all of which somehow look exactly the same, but are also completely different!

We know it can be scary to pick out a paint color that will be stuck on your wall forever, so to help you along, we decided to compile a list of our favorite whites from various 2018 projects to help ease the process, and hopefully help make your decisions a bit less intimidating!

'White Dove' by Benjamin Moore (The Highland House)

'White Dove' is a fave of ours because of its timeless, classic feel, helping a space look light and bright without being too blinding (as some bright whites can be!). This color white has creamy undertones, and was perfect for the exterior of the Highland House. It really helped to make the charcoal (Benjamin Moore, Racoon Fur) trim of the door and window frames pop, for the perfect modern look.

'Snowbound' by Sherwin Williams (The Mission House)

With slightly grayer tones, 'Snowbound' offers a clean feel, and even when put against spot-light lighting, still maintains a softer, not-too-stark look. When combined with warm wood tones from small accents such a mirror trims, it brings in that added warmth that a cooler white sometimes needs. We can't get enough of this color right now!

'Seapearl' by Benjamin Moore (The Mission House)

'Seapearl' is one of our all-time favorites. We put it up as an option for almost every project! It has warmer, beigey undertones to it, but is an extremely adaptable color. It is perfect if you're looking for a white that isn't just a stark white - it has a little more personality. We agree entirely with the Benjamin Moore website, where they describe this colour as "inherently sophisticated" - as also a name such as 'Seapearl' would suggest! The perfect color to add bold accents to a room, such as the monochrome rug in the image above.

'Simply White' by Benjamin Moore (The Mission House)

Traditional and classic, 'Simply White' does exactly what is says on the tin! We love this crisp, clean-feel paint, acting as the perfect color for these cabinets in a modern, transitional kitchen. 'Simply White' is also a great off-white for a ceilings or walls, serving as multi-functional for a variety of rooms! The touch of creamy yellow undertones allows this color to add the perfect amount of warmth without being too yellow. 'Simply White' is simply the best!

Added extras ...

'Alabaster' by Sherwin Williams

'Classic Gray' by Benjamin Moore (We love this option if you're looking for a really nice gray color that's not too far off from white!

'Swiss Coffee' by Benjamin Moore


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