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Our Favorite Staging Job!

Last week we completed one of our favorite staging jobs to date! This beautiful home is located here in Santa Barbara on the Riviera, with incredible views and amazing modern character. Our client asked us to create an Australian Bungalow feel - so we did exactly that!

First, we wanted to make sure we kept the house feeling open and airy. This was not a hard task, as the house was designed with an indoor/outdoor concept in mind. To keep the space light, we used neutral colored furniture throughout and made sure to incorporate natural elements + accents, such as woods and greenery, to create a sense of warmth. By sticking with this neutral color palette and keeping the decor minimal we were able to accomplish the modern bungalow vibe we were going for.

We gave the entryway a bit of a beachy touch as we are in Santa Barbara after all! Here, we used a straw summer hat + woven tote bag to style the space, helping buyers envision themselves heading to the beach or Farmer's Market. These natural elements contrasted against the blue dutch door had us all drooling!

We placed a concrete and brass console table right off the entryway in order to optimize the space. Bringing in minimal artwork and modern metals, alongside those natural accents, kept the overall feel of the home cohesive throughout.

The dining room of the home was a very long, linear space, so we added a bar area to the room to break it up. We then used an 8 person dining table and aligned it with the windows in order to keep your eye on the gorgeous view overlooking all of Santa Barbara. A pretty dang dreamy dining situation if you ask us!

Kitchens aren't usually an area of the house where much staging can be done, as they often times don't require any additional furniture. With that being said, we love when they have any type of built-in area or open shelving, and this kitchen had both! This allowed us to get creative with our doodads, adding a little color to the room by incorporating bright accessories such as cookbooks, lemons, plants, and a vintage-inspired rug!

Downstairs, we styled the three bedrooms of the home. Keeping with the Australian Bungalow theme, we used light wood furniture and neutral, cozy bedding. In the primary suite, we styled the built-in dresser with books, beads, vases, and a modern mirror. The mirror actually showed the reflection from the windows, keeping the view in sight at all times!

In one of the smaller bedrooms we added a desk, highlighting that there is plenty of space for a homework zone and showing buyers that this home would be perfect for any family!

The outdoor space here is very unique, as the home is located on a hill. Because of this, the home owners created multiple different patio areas throughout - one off of the kitchen, one off of the primary suite, and one larger lower deck. Because of the long and linear shapes of the patios, it was a bit tricky to stage. We ended up creating two different hangout areas on the larger deck, a firepit zone and an outdoor lounge set. This helped to distinguish the space and we are so happy with how it turned out!

This house was definitely one of our favorites to stage and we're so happy to share it with ya'll! Make sure to follow along on our instagram to see more pictures of this Modern Australian Bungalow project!

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