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Highland House: The Big Reveal

Welp, it’s been a wild and crazy 8 months for the Hearth Homes gang, but the day has finally come to share the big reveal of the Highland House with you guys!

First, before we dive right in, I just want to brag for a sec about the power couple on our team that I’m so proud to call my brother and sister-in-law. Renovating a home, in itself, is no small feat. Renovating a home while one of you is cooking your first baby in your belly, the other is surprised by a torn achilles, the two of you are preparing to move into a new home of your own which, by the way, you are also designing and renovating, AND not wanting to kill each other by the end of it all….now that’s the stuff that should be saved for superheroes. So, shout out to Lucas and Katie for going above and beyond to help get this thing to the finish line, rolling with the punches coming from every angle with grace and composure. You guys are a couple o' badass superheroes.

Okay! Now that that's off my chest, let's dig in!

All of our thought, energy, teamwork, collaboration, time, long hard days, blood, sweat, and yes, tears that have gone into this reno have come to an end, and our beautiful Highland House is locked and loaded, ready for its next family!

We set out on this project with one goal: to take this house that had great bones, but nothing really jaw-droppingly special about it, and turn it into a modern, "California Casual" dream, perfect for any family. We wanted it to be contemporary but we also wanted to give it that soft California edge, with tons of warmth and a bit of rustic flare. Personally? I think we nailed it.

Check out our final episode from the Highland House, where you'll find some awesome before and after's, and get a deeper look into the thought behind our design, and don't forget to take a scroll through our favorite shots below!

From dark, drab, and dated to bright, beautiful and seriously badass, this house was the definition of a labor of love. We hope you enjoy!

Key Kitchen Ingredients: Warm, Cozy, Modern, Big ass Island. Check, check, check, CHECK.

Steel and glass for the win! Thanks to Anna over @bananas_and_hammocks for rockin' this thing along with our beauteous kitchen shelving.

Remember that Modern, California Casual with rustic flare thing I mentioned earlier? This photo encompasses all of that goodness pretty well, I think.

Your master oasis awaits.

So much room for activities!


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