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Hearth Homes: Lights, Camera, Action!

You might be sitting at your computer right now, wondering "Where the heck have those Hearth Homes Interiors gals been lately?" (or maybe not... but just go with it). We have admittedly been a little M.I.A., but only because we've been so busy working on tons of fun new projects, and we finally have something big to share!

Part of our multi-faceted business is buying homes that need a little lovin', and giving them the full Hearth Homes Treatment. Our biggest goals? For the home's next family have confidence in the way it was fixed up so that they never need to worry about something falling apart because it wasn't done right. And of course, for them to fall head over heels in love with the space, just like we always do.

We started Hearth Homes to bring a fresh approach, transparency and accountability to the world of flipping. Step 1: film everything we do and share it with you! Here's a little behind the scenes action of our newest project. We are so excited to bring you on this crazy, exciting, unpredictable, epic journey with us. So take a look, and get to know the team behind Hearth Homes in our very first webisode! More to come, so stay tuned to see how this project unfolds!



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