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Bananas for (Coffee Table) Books!

As stagers and designers coffee table books are hands down one of our favorite accessories. We love to use them on coffee tables, nightstands, side tables, open shelving, kitchen counters - basically anywhere and every where we can!

Today we're going to talk all things coffee table books, sharing some of our favorite go-to books and ways we like to style them!

Photo by Raleigh McKinney

One of the simplest, most straight forward ways to style your coffee table book is - you guessed it - on the coffee table! We love to display our favorite books with other accessories such as vases, candles, and small decorative items on top.

Photo by Raleigh McKinney

A less obvious way to style your coffee table book (and one of our personal favorites) is to choose an interior page and display the book open. This can be a fun way to add interest to your coffee table as well as an easy and quick way to change things up - does that page not match the new pillow you just bought? Seen enough of that gorgeous neutral living room and craving a little pop of color? Just flip to a new page and voila!

Photo by Raleigh McKinney

Coffee table books don't have to strictly live on your coffee tables folks! Side, accent, and console tables are also great places to show off your collection. Try stacking a few on top of each other that vary in size - this is a great way to gain height and add dimension to your vignette!

Now that we've shared some of our styling tips, here are a few of the coffee table books that we just can't get enough of!

We love this entire collection from Assouline - not only do they look beautiful stacked together as a set but each one is a showstopper on their own.

Houses That We Dreamt Of is definitely one of our most frequently used coffee table books. Its perfectly neutral cover makes it an easy and timeless accessory to any home.

The Travel Home book is a must for us - major inspo!

Chair is much smaller in size so it's a great book to use in order to add a little variation.

Check out some of our other favorites below~

Links, L to R: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

I think it's safe to say that we're bananas for coffee table books here at Hearth Homes Interiors! Happy styling!

XO - The HHI Team


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