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Awkward Walls and How to Style Them

Sometimes awkward walls and spaces just happen, and it can be hard to come up with creative ways to work around them. Today we're going to share some funky nooks and how we styled them!

At our Montecito Mediterranean staging project there was an awkward half wall running the length of the formal living room. The wall was too high to be used as a bench, so we had to get creative with how to style it. You know we love us a gallery wall (check out our gallery wall blog post here) so we thought this would be the perfect opportunity for one! We chose to highlight the half wall and use it as an art ledge, creating a layered gallery wall backdrop behind the sofa.

We loved these little shelves in the kitchen of our California Casual staging project. What would have been an awkwardly blank space became not only a cute vignette but a useful way to display everyday essentials.

Vertically stacked art paired with the variation in height of the layered cutting boards perfectly balanced out the awkward area to the right of the upper cabinets in the kitchen of The Palm House!

Katie was unsure of what to do in the area to the right of her kitchen sink. She knew upper cabinets would be too intrusive, and worried that open shelving would be as well, so she ended up adding a pot rack! This was a great way to add a fun element to the kitchen as well as a functional way to store dish towels and cutting boards.

Moral of the story - don't let those awkward corners and walls intimidate you! Sometimes they can be the push you need to think outside the box!


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