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A Tough Turn in 2020

With fear of COVID-19 spreading throughout the world, we wanted to reach out, just like everyone else, and let you know we are here with you! It's a tough, uncertain time and we're all scared for our loved ones, neighbors and friends. We felt like it would be odd, and slightly insensitive, to continue on with our blog posting and social media-ing without mentioning what has taken over every news outlet.

We're just as worried and frightened as anyone - trying to do our due diligence by staying inside and social distancing, washing our hands a 100x a day, cleaning and cleaning some more. And we're watching all our favorite accounts on Instagram to see how others are surviving (and not thriving) - just like us!

We thought we might share some helpful links to distract you, inform you, and entertain you as we all get through this together.

These gals are literal sunshine on Instagram (anxiety-ridden sunshine while flying but, entertaining as hell!) and have a fun challenge going for their followers to organize and de-clutter different parts of your life each day. They are the QUEENS of organization and rainbows and even if you skip the delightful stories (I recommend you don't), their feed is instantly calming and glaringly beautiful.

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Just because we should all be staying away from one another doesn't mean we should be isolated. Reach out to those that live alone, call and check on your parents, and plan virtual happy hours with others.

This is a free online course from Coursera that dives into the what makes you happy and how to create productive habits. It was originally a course for Yale students but after it became their most popular classes ever, they decided to offer it online, and for free!, to the masses. It's a go-at-your-own-pace course that can only benefit you, if you're looking to learn a little more about you, your daily mindset, and how to be happier. To really get you in the school sprit, you can study wearing this cute varsity sweatshirt and up your social distancing wardrobe!

4. Houseparty (but not really)

This social platform that allows you to video chat while playing games with those you've had to social distance from. "Heads Up" and "Pictionary" are some of the family friendly options to try!

Photo via Pinterest

Molly is the creative force behind Almost Makes Perfect, bringing us all the beautiful images and inspirational DIY projects. She can help with creating delicious crusty bread as well as making sure you have all the craft essentials in your closet, ready to go! Check out her Instagram and blog, we promise you'll smile.

Let us know what's making you smile these days!

XO -

The HHI Team


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