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A Sneak Peek Into the Design of our Parents' New (ish) Home

We've got another big project in the works, and we're SO STOKED to finally introduce you to her! All of our projects are, of course, special to us, but this one is especially special, because our clients are our wonderful parents (and parents-in-law)!

Full transparency, we don't quite have a name picked out for her yet, so since she's a farmhouse, and she's in the familia, for now... let's call her the "Farmilia House."

We actually purchased this home over a year ago, but because we are planning a pretty extensive renovation, we are still . waiting . for permits. which is beyond frustrating, but hey, at least it's given us lots of time to plan and prep the design...and change our minds approximately 1,000,000 times, of course.

The plan for this house is to turn her into a modern (but not too modern) farmhouse (but not too farmhouse)... that makes sense, right?! Not like the cliché kind of modern farmhouse that you see a lot these days. We want to give her a charming old-world feel with vintage and vintage-inspired accents and materials, but still want those clean, modern finishes which is what our "clients" are typically drawn to.

Check out some of our inspiration and a sneak-peek into our design plan below! Can't wait to share more with you all as this one rolls out, so stay tuned!

Now please...keep your fingers crossed for those damn permits to get to us soon before we all pull our hair out!!

Inspiration, Counter Clockwise: Magnolia Home, Joanna Gains, Kate Marker Interiors, Pinterest, Clé Tile, Pinterest, Jenny Komenda

You can find this beautiful tile here!

Stay tuned for our guest house reveal on Friday!

XO -

The HHI Team


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