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5 Tips to Spa-tify Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is where you begin and end each of your days so, why not start and end it like you’re almost at your favorite spa?! I mean, it sets the tone for your day in the morning and those 8 hours of sleep we all need in the evening (I know, wishful thinking!) Here are some of our essentials for a fresh beginning in your personal spa this New Year.

1. Declutter Your Space

The best way to start the spa transformation and create a like-new space? Decluttering! Seriously, get to organizing and creating unfussy countertops and drawers. Do you really need the 4 drops left of that serum you haven’t used since 5 months ago? Chances are it isn’t going to do much now…

From The Highland House

2. Calming Color Palettes Are Key

If you have a little money and time, creating a calming color palette in your space can really help turn the whole vibe around. So maybe you’re not a tile expert but, a couple quick coats of paint in a shade of white that compliments your current tile situation can go a long way. Update that vanity to a white or warm wood one. You can even switch out the hardware it comes with to help it feel more custom! There are plenty of options that don’t have to break the bank or take too much of your precious time.

From The Highland House

3. Be A Little Extra With Your Vanity Products

Yeaaaahhh, you read that right. We love ourselves some cute packaging. If it’s eco-friendly, cruelty-free, has great packaging AND smells good - it’s over - take our money! But seriously, some of our favorite products have some beautiful packaging and can really take your vanity up a notch! Remember when we said de-clutter? Start there. Then bring in some pieces that won’t overcrowd the space but help enhance it and create that calming, spa-like feel. Not sure how? With what? Don’t worry, we have some suggestions!

4. Refresh Your Towels

We mean it. Fresh. Towels. They make all the difference!

5. Add Cozy Textures

Some small faux plants (don’t hate us, we can’t keep real plants alive!) on the counter or a distressed wooden stool in the corner. A basket to roll up extra towels. These are all simple ways to add cozy textures to your bathroom that help enhance the spa-like experience.

Stool via Serena & Lily

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