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1 Sofa - 4 Styles

Today we're going to show you how we took one sofa, the Antwerp from West Elm, and styled it in 4 different ways! We were able to achieve four completely different looks in each home, all while using the same piece of furniture. Enjoy!



Here is an example of how we took the Antwerp Sofa and styled it in a very modern way. The tapered wood legs of the sofa balanced with the thin black metal accents, such as the doors, side tables, and accent chairs, provides this space with an overall modern edge.



In this space we went for a more rustic feel, while still using the same sofa. We were able to create this by complimenting and surrounding the sofa with warmer, natural elements, like these rattan chairs, live edge coffee table, and of course, those beams!



In this Craftsman style home we went with a more classic look. Here, we layered the Antwerp sofa in soft, neutral textiles and placed it with a vintage inspired rug. By doing so, as well as incorporating fresh florals and antique coffee table accessories, we created a calming, cottage-esque feel.



In this space we kept it very neutral and minimal, inviting the art to steal the show. The contrast from the light grey upholstery against the multiple black and white elements, such as the floral prints, throw pillows, and the patterned rug, allowed us to keep this space feeling elegant yet comfortable.


When restyling your home or even just re-defying your design style, it doesn't necessarily mean you have to purchase new furniture! The smaller accent items can help immensely when completing and accomplishing a look and sometimes that's all it takes. West Elm describes the Antwerp sofa as a Belgian Industrial design, however we were able to use it in each of these four homes, creating very different design styles and overall vibes in each. We hope this post inspires you and gets you thinking outside the box!


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