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Super Bowl Ready

Super Bowl Sunday is one of our favorite days and this year our favorite team, the New England Patriots, are in it (again! #NotDone) In our book, Sunday's are meant for lounging. Add a mix of comfort + healthy appetizers (yeah, we try and squeeze in some veggies, even on game day) and you'll need the right outfit for the big event. We've rounded up our favorite #gameday items so you're set to root for the right team this #SuperBowl Sunday.

Bad hair day? No time to get ready? Here's an easy, cute, monochrome cap to throw on when day-four dry shampoo just isn't cutting it (no judgement!)

I love this sweater and I kick myself for not buying it earlier this season (I couldn't justify another sweater when we were having such a warm Fall). Olivia Culpo was seen wearing it while cheering on her boyfriend Danny Amendola during the Championship game and it has since sold out! Hopefully they re-stock soon!

Yoga pants are always a good idea. Nachos, chicken buffalo dip, pizza ... Yeah, stretchy pants sound about right.

This worn-in tee is super soft. I have it in navy but I'm trying to explore colors other than black, grey, grey-black, charcoal, light grey, and whites (ha! I know but it's just so easy and classic).

I couldn't leave off the classic sports look or a "Danny Playoff"'s jersey. A jersey is cute with some ripped boyfriend jeans (remember that comfort thing-y with all those snacks) or if it's chillier where you live, over a white or grey hoodie.

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