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Getting Cozy with Texture

The team over here at Hearth Homes has been crazy busy lately between staging installs + move-outs, moving into a new warehouse (& our first official office space-- stay tuned for more on that!!), wrapping up some of our biggest projects of the year and starting some new very exciting ones -- not to mention, we are officially deep in the midst of the holidays! Long story short, life has been a whirlwind but we love winding down by Pinterest-ing and getting inspired for our many, many projects. This week, with the weather getting colder and the rain making us want to cuddle up by the fireplace and sip some hot cocoa, we've been drooling over some super cozy design situations & reminiscing on some favorite textural #wins of our own. Take a look and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below!

Sources (Left to Right): @katiehackworth, @Pinterest, @Pinterest


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