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Blackrock Beach House: The Before + Afters, Part 3

Now that we've shared the interior of the #BlackrockBeachHouse we are so excited to share the exterior transformation with you guys! This house was a labor of love and the exterior was no exception. We tore out all the overgrown bushes around the property, re-did a lot of the fencing, and like we mentioned before in this post, we used a huge portion of our budget to replace the roof! Unfortunately, that was not something that we were originally planning to spend money on so we allocated the rest of the budget where we could. That means we weren't able to fix up the driveway like we were hoping to but, that's OK, that's reality. That part of the project will be fixed eventually - we just have to remember we need to be patient! In the meantime, we are enjoying the rest of the house and before and after's!

The before with overgrown foliage, a drab chain link fence, old light fixtures and rotted roof!

The outdoor shower in the entry breeze way is one of our favorite spots! It's perfect for a quick rinse after coming in from the day at the beach! We used Trex decking for the shower area - though this area is mostly covered, it's still open to the elements. So, we wanted something that could withstand the outdoors and frequent showers! The exposed shower system is from here and we LOVE how this little area turned out! We designed the custom green wall with Terra at Lush Elements and we couldn't be happier with how useful and alive this once drab and dark area has become!

The back yard was so overgrown when we purchased this property! And the back deck was enclosed in a sort of long, narrow sunroom. Not ideal so we tore it all out and opened up the area to create an epic entertaining space!

Here you can see the enclosed and overgrown deck:

And AFTER! We added a couple of lounge spots to the now open deck, painted and re-finished some of the decking where it had rotted away, added a BBQ, a HOT TUB (!) and a 14 person dining table under the big tree that we wired with pendants to create a warm, intimate space, outdoors.

The outdoor sets are not available anymore but here are some other options we are loving! 1/ 2 / 3

Finally, our custom PUBLIC bikes are perfect for the whole family to enjoy!

Don't forget you can go here to look into staying at our #BlackrockBeachHouse through Airbnb!

XO -

The HHI Team


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